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I bought a Wolfgang Puck food processor back in Dec. After only 3 months the motor wore out, even using it acc. to the owners manual. On 3/18 I called they took my info., verified my order, took $12.95 from my credit card for shipping,& instructed me to cut off the cord & mail it to their P.O. Box. I did so that same day.

After waiting several days, still no processor. I called again & reached the same guy. He said that they had not received cord & to give it a couple more days. After time passed I called for the 3rd. time. It took me a few tries to reach a human. Either the phone # was busy or was disconnected. Finally I reached Tina. She told me the same story I had gotten before that they had not received the cord, though I knew enough time had passed for any mail to have been received between South Carolina & Florida. I asked her when to call back & she said by Fri. it would have been received. She assured me that by Friday the cord would be received.

On that Friday I called again. I reached Tina & guess what, no cord. Again I had been mislead by WP Productions. Tina told me I needed to cut off the rest of the cord & mail it in again. This time I put a tracking on the envelope. I asked to speak to a supervisor & was told one would call me back. That evening I spoke with Sylvia. She instructed me to send a photo of the now cordless food process & e mail it to her. I did so & still have not heard back other than the usual form type email that goes out I'm sure to anyone who e mails them. My fifth call was on April 7th, 2010 & I spoke with Grant. He told me the order still has not been released, but they did receive my picture.

Finally, I received the replacement food processor base but it too is defective. I sent WP an email with a video clip of the replacement. It shows that the processor will not turn to process the contents in the bowl. You also can hear a terrible noise when it is on. I made WP aware of this and they have not yet resolved it.

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